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Summary Generator Instructions

Follow the instructions below to get started using the Summary Generator Tool:


Note: Summary Generator Tool was written for Windows Operating System Only

  1. Click the link to OneDrive

  2. You should see a folder and two other items. To download the entire directory, go to the top where it says download. Depending on browser, you should have the option to save/save as that pops up

  3. Download PATIV1.0.1.1X folder to hard drive from onedrive

  4. Unzip entire PATI folder to hard drive using an unzipping / extractor tool

  5. Inside PATIV1.1.1X (unzipped folder) you will find setup.exe -> run setup

  6. Depending on your operating system, you might have to click More info -> run anyways. This is an Alpha/Beta version, so you may get questions about security risks, accept and/or ignore these. You may get messages from windows defender or your antivirus - warning from an unknown publisher, please accept these risks.

  7. Otherwise click install. Follow the onscreen instructions

  8. PATI screen - first open the doc with the claims before you run, there should be instructions in the window

  9. Open document to run - Make sure document only contains the claims to run. Note: If you have a sentence preceding the claims such as "What is claimed is…" please remove it before running. *We included a test claim file you can use*

  10. Below that confirm separator used for the claims. This is what separates claims from the number associated with the claim. See the PATI screen for details.

  11. When you have finished opening the document (it should now say the document path to the right), and you have input the separator, please input the sentence text you want for dependent or multiple dependents. Default text has been provided.

  12. Click start in the bottom right.

  13. The UI window will say 'Running' - you should see text behind it which looks like "file was preprocessed successfully" in the console window. There will be several updates, and you should see text saying "Finished - you may now close the window" if it successfully ran.

  14. The desired summary output should be in the same folder as the file you ran. It should be the same as the document name followed by the "RESULTS.docx" postfix. There should be several files, but you can ignore the other files unless you need them.

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