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1. Global Patent Portfolio Build and Management

At Double Helix Law, we build high quality, high value life sciences patent portfolios.

We have extensive experience helping our clients develop complex patent portfolios across the globe to grow and protect their business. We work with our clients to develop a worldwide patent strategy. Further, we execute the strategy by preparing and filing U.S. and PCT patent applications covering their inventions. While we prosecute the U.S. patent applications, we direct our network of trusted foreign associates to assure that prosecution of the patent family is coordinated across the globe.

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2. Retained “In-House” Counsel

Double Helix Law is an extended member of your team.

A core competency and strength of our practice is our ability to integrate with our clients to become an extension of their team.  By spending more time per client than traditional IP law firms, we are able to develop a deeper understanding of our client’s technology and surrounding landscape.  We work with our clients to develop strategy and manage or replace outside counsel. In many cases we function as a retained in-house/general counsel or retained in-house IP department that can grow and scale with their business.

3. Due Diligence

At Double Helix Law, we provide rigorous examination of complex IP portfolios while identifying risks and counsel on the value of transactions.

Our team is well versed in every aspect of diligence in the investment, purchase, and divestiture of intellectual property and technology companies associated therewith. We frequently represent companies and investors navigating complex multimillion-dollar investments in technologies and technology companies across specific life sciences industry sectors.

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4. Landscapes/Patent Clearance/FTO

At Double Helix Law, we analyze complex competitor portfolios to help clients stay clear of competitor IP.

We perform complex searches, construct patent landscapes and provide detailed, competitive patent analysis to help us build strong patent portfolios for our clients, and to help them design-around and stay clear of competitor patents.

5. IP Business Strategy

At Double Helix Law, we navigate, negotiate, and resolve IP disputes.

We’ve assisted our clients in navigating complex disputes around their intellectual property.  We assist in navigating these disputes with an emphasis on securing our client’s intellectual property, and finding business solutions in a cost-efficient manner. Our team is adept at drafting and editing various business agreements including license and employment agreements.

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We Get Closer to Our Clients and Their Technologies.

For many of our clients we use operating mechanisms that include weekly or biweekly online check-ins between DHL team members and selected members of the client team. For several clients, our IP operating mechanisms include annual or semi-annual patent playbook meetings for their senior leaders. Often when we take on a new client, we write off some of the time it takes us to understand their complex technologies and/or portfolios.

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We have flexible fee options.

For some of our private clients, DHL gets partially paid in equity. For these clients they don't want the full expense of an in-house team, but they get all the team members and levels of a patent department, from our highly qualified virtual team, in a shared risk-reward relationship that is closer than a traditional firm.

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