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Our DHL team members are engaged, dedicated patent professionals who enjoy biotechnology, patent portfolio build, patent clearance, and working remotely, and who have an eye for detail.

Whether you are an experienced patent professional interested in exciting opportunities to work for DHL and our existing clients, or you have your own clients and have been waiting for the opportune moment to merge and share resources, we'd love to hear from you.

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We get closer to our clients and their technologies, which gives our team a more rewarding experience.

We work more as teams on our patent prep/pros projects than traditional firms. This helps our team learn from each other and helps our consistency across practitioners.

DHL is always interested in talking to patent professionals with an advanced life sciences degree who have at least 2 years of experience in patent preparation and/or prosecution who are interested in joining our team.


Find out more about the kind of careers and opportunities available here.

  • Gene Therapy 

  • Cell Therapy 

  • Drug discovery

  • Biotech research tools

    • Cellular analysis

    • Next generation sequencing

    • DNA amplification technologies

  • Molecular diagnostics

    • Non-invasive prenatal testing

    • DNA barcoding

  • Reproductive technologies

  • Synthetic biology

  • Food Technology 


No current positions posted.

Check back for specific postings or
contact us if you want to be added to our notification list when we post a new position opening.



"At DHL, training occurs on a daily basis as part of our DNA within client-specific subgroups that include highly experienced, and lesser experienced team members."

- Manny Vacchiano, DHL Founder

We are proud to be a non-traditional firm. 

DHL has always been a firm where everyone works remotely. Our founder has worked remotely in patent law since 2005. We don't ask our team to come into our office for X days per week, because we have no physical office. However, we stay connected on a daily and ongoing basis using online systems like Microsoft Teams, using virtual check-ins and check-outs and chat rooms to enhance the communications and interactions within our virtual office.

At DHL, we also understand that life can be complicated. We believe in a work-life balance, and a flexible work schedule. Team members can create their own hours, which are usually accommodated.

We not only like to work on our client's cutting edge technologies, we like to innovate in our business practices and the way we practice patent law. Our low overhead lets us pay our team competitively and get closer with our clients, because their rates are less than our competitor, high-end biotech firms.

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