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We build valulable, high quality patent portfolios
for our life sciences clients

and help them stay clear of their competitors' ip

Who We Are

We are a team of life sciences (mostly PhD) patent professionals, 
who pride ourselves in being a non-traditional law firm that uses our decades of experience and deep scientific knowledge, to help our clients solve their IP challenges

We pride ourselves in being an unconventional law firm

This allows us to produce more high quality work product for your budget

Because you don't have to pay for our expensive office space

We build high quality, high value life sciences patent portfolios

We help you stay clear of your competitors' patents

We are extended members of your team

Who we are

We have decades of experience at helping life sciences companies build patent portfolios and stay clear of their competitors, to maximize value.

What we do

What We Do


Interact deeply with our clients to understand their complex technologies and business goals


Build high value patent portfolios from life sciences innovation


Help our clients stay clear of their competitors' IP

Pillars of Justice

The Team


Manny Vacchiano, PhD
Patent Attorney

Dr. Vacchiano brings a unique perspective to biotech patent law. In addition to over 20 years of life sciences patent experience, Manny is a biotechnology investor who founded a clinical trials information and stock research company. Thus, his patent practice uses a deep understanding of the complexities of patent law, to help his clients maximize the commercial value of their innovations. His IP experience includes over 10 years as an in-house attorney at major public life sciences companies and top-tier law firms. While in house he led IP teams in building and defending valuable life sciences portfolios. Manny's technical experience includes a PhD in cell/molecular biology along with 10 years of life science research experience at a major university, a fortune 100 life sciences company, and the National Institutes of Health. 

Some of Our Talented Team Members


Mike Mand

Patent Attorney Consultant
PhD Cell/Molecular Biology


Susan Potuznik

Patent Agent Consultant
PhD Biochemistry

Vasanth Picture (1).png

Vasanth Vaidyanathan

Technical Specialist 
PhD Cell/Molecule Biology


Judy Huerta

Patent Paralegal
B.S. Animal Science

The Team

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