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Annual Patent Planning Considerations

It's that time of year again...

Annual patent planning for your company/client(s) for next year.

Here are some key dates to track as you set your 2024 patent budget and help your team schedule their priorities:

  • Regular application 12-month filing due dates for your priority applications (e.g. provisionals) filed in 2023

  •   ⇨ Not only PCTs and regular U.S. app filing due dates, but consider non-PCT countries too

  • ⇨ For China, consider whether to directly file a utility and utility model application

  • 2024 Dates of your first-in-family patent publications (e.g., PCT publication dates)

  • ⇨ Important due dates for filings new apps with related, but new concepts

  • 1 year post-publication dates for your 2023 publications

  • ⇨ 1st patent family publications, technical publications,1st offers for sale/sales, etc.

  • ⇨ Important due dates for filing new U.S. apps with more data, or related, but new concepts

  • 2024 national phase entry(s) (PCT) (30 or 31 month dates)

  • ⇨ Important to consider countries and associated translation costs and lead-time

  • 2024 planned technical presentations (e.g. at biomed meetings)

  • ⇨ Important dates to track, to have lead time to draft and file new patent apps


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