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The AMRN story - Value of U.S. Biopharma Patents

The $AMRN/Vascepa story...

A sad 🥲

but insightful🤔

story about the value of U.S. biopharma patents

From ~$23/share to ~$1/share

in ~5 yrs

Vascepa - the "good" fatty acid in fish oil

• Approved for 2 indications

⇨ Pts with very high blood trigs

⇨ Cardiovascular risk reduction

• Existing U.S. patents cover Indication 2 and mfg method

📅 Fall 2018

• Vascepa Reduce-It Ph3 cardiovascular risk results

• Landmark cardiovascular risk Study

$$$$AMRN ~$23/share

📅 2020/21

• U.S. Composition patents killed

• Vascepa goes generic in U.S.

• Vascepa approved in EP

⇨ + EP exclusivity & EP comp patents

$$AMRN ~$4.50/share

📅 Q1 2023 Vascepa European sales

• $0.8M

📅 7/28/23

~$140M = Enterprise Value

$AMRN 1.19/share

Lots more patent yada yada

to the AMRN story

Could be called the AMRN patent trap

• Method patent protection

For lead indication


• No composition patent protection

• No FDA exclusivity

• An approved, but unpatented indication

• Generics with "skinny" labels

• Induced vs. direct infringement

Maybe I'll provide a detailed article later🤔

In the meantime...

If you want to read more about the AMRN story

from an investor perspective:

Check out my and BiopharmIQ's AMRN tweet string:


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